3D Printing services

Here at Rushworth Performance we are with you all the way through your product development and production needs.

We design, prototype, cost and produce a final manufacture item.

Contact us today and see if your production line could benefit from plastic and fibre inlay printing!


Need somethin made stronger? Lighter? More cost effectively?

Speak to us about our Markforged printing services!

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Creality CR10S

  • Build Area: 300x300x400mm

  • Heated Bed

  • PLA / ABS capability

  • Ideal for visual and concept prototyping.

  • Plastics avaialble for both increased strength and a full host of colours available for aesthetics

3D Printing for Real Manufacturing

Only Markforged can print parts with continuous carbon fiber that are 23x stronger than typical 3D printing plastics. Markforged customers produce high-strength parts tough enough to withstand manufacturing floor environments.

Carbon Fiber reinforcement is commonly used for parts that replace machined aluminum with lower production costs!

  • 320 mm x 132 mm x 154 mm volume

  • Fibres in use

    • Carbon Fiber

    • Fiberglass

    • Kevlar

    • HSHT Fiberglass (High-Strength High-Temperature Fiberglass) 

  • 100 micron resolution!