BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX3 CHRA- 177249

For turbocharger 177248

Original BorgWarner AirWerks CHRA

The CHRAs are used as spare parts in case of damage or in case you wish a combination with compressor housing and exhaust housing, which is not available directly. CHRAs are the centrepiece of the turbocharger and consist of the bearing housing with all internal components and the exhaust wheel and compressor wheel. To mount the compressor housing you need the appropriate mounting set or the V-band clamp. Both can usually be reused in a repair- For the turbine housing you still need the assembly set, which should be renewed in case of a repair in any case. If the turbine housing has a wastegate flap, a wastegateand the appropriate retaining plate are required.
Fits turbocharger:
BorgWarner 177248

Exhaust gas wheel Exducer: 74,29mm
Compressor wheel inlet: 71,08mm
Compressor wheel outlet: 100,17mm

BorgWarner AirWerks CHRAS400 S400SX - 177249

SKU: 177249