BorgWarner AirWerks S1BG Turbo - 58/53

BW Part number 313297

Original BorgWarner AirWerks Turbocharger

The AirWerks turbochargers from BorgWarner Turbo Systems are turbos from the aftermarket for the performance sector. Here, proven series parts (mostly from Schwitzer Turbo) are combined accordingly to create an application with a perfect price/performance ratio for tuning and motor sports.

Power rating: 120 - 320 PS
Compressor housing: Intake 60mm / Pressure side 50mm
Compressor wheel: Inlet 43,28mm / Outlet 57,96mm
Exhaust housing: 0.61 AR / Manifold flange T25 / Downpipe flange BorgWarner 6-hole
Turbine wheel: Outside diameter 52,92mm / Diameter at outlet 45,73mm / Internal wastegate

- Double hydrodynamic plain bearing
- Internal wastegate
- Adjustable position of compressor housing and exhaust gas housing

Other A/R value?

If you order an AirWerks turbocharger and want a different AR, you have to order the corresponding turbine housing additionally and change it.

BorgWarner AirWerks S1BG Turbo 0.61ar - 43mm 58/53 - 313297

SKU: 311313297