BorgWarner AirWerks S400SX SuperCore - 179179

For turbocharger 179180

Original BorgWarner AirWerks Super Core

Super Cores are turbochargers without exhaust casing. or body groups incl. compressor housing. They serve as spare parts in case of damage or in case you wish a combination with an exhaust housing, which cannot be ordered directly. To mount the turbine housing you need the mounting set, which should be replaced in case of a repair. If the turbine housing has a wastegate flap, a wastegateand the appropriate retaining plate are required.
Fits turbocharger:
BorgWarner 179180

Exhaust gas wheel Inducer: 87,37mm
Exhaust gas wheel Exducer: 81.74mm
Compressor wheel inlet: 80,3mm
Compressor wheel outlet: 109,72mm

BorgWarner AirWerks SuperCore S400SX 80mm 100/87 - 179179

SKU: 179179