Cartridge BorgWarner AirWerks S300SX-E - 69mm 91/80 Turbo

BW part number 13009097050

Original BorgWarner AirWerks cartridge

The BorgWarner SX-E turbochargers are a combination of the attractively priced AirWerks turbochargers and the high technology of the EFR turbochargers. The most important key feature of the EFR series is the forged and milled compressor wheel in a special design with the perfectly tuned high-flow intake channels. This was adopted into the AirWerks turbochargers to create a perfect response and an optimal boost pressure build-up as with the EFR turbochargers. However, the basics of the AirWerks series are retained, so that the turbo still has a cast turbine housing and a robust (overhaulable) plain bearing. Also the preparation for the speed sensor was taken over to reach the optimal efficiency of the loader.
SX-E Highlights:
- Good response thanks to the latest compressor wheel geometry (EFR technology)
- Robust, repairable plain bearing
- Preparation for speed sensor
- Preparation for pressure connection

Power range: 500 - 1000PS
Compressor wheel: Inlet 69,00mm / Outlet 91,447mm
Exhaust casing: Exhaust housing from S300SX-E with 80mm turbine wheel fit
Turbine wheel: Outlet diameter 73,37mm / Inlet diameter 79,76mm

The exhaust casing, compressor casing and the associated assembly kits must be purchased separately.

BorgWarner cartridge AirWerks S300SX-E 91/80mm - 13009097050

SKU: 13009097050