BorgWarner EFR-7670 Turbocharger T4 TwinScroll without WG 1,05ar

Original EFR turbocharger

TwinScroll, T4 external wastegate

Power range: 375 - 600PS
Compressor wheel Inlet: 57.2mm, outlet: 76.2mm
Turbine wheel Diffuser: 70mm
Turbine Housing : 1.05 A/R with T4 TwinScroll flange, V-Band downpipe connection

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BorgWarner EFR turbocharger Was developed and built with only one goal in mind: to dominate on the road, racetrack and 1/4 mile. BorgWarner EFR turbochargers feature the latest high-tech features, unbeatable performance ranges and highest quality.
EFR Turbos are available in 8 different sizes and 7 different turbine housings, the power ranges range from 250-1000 hp per turbocharger. The combination of highly efficient compressor wheel, gamma titanium aluminideTurbine wheel , combined with ceramic ball bearing technology sets the benchmark for racing turbochargers to the very top and represents the highest level in racingturbocharger technology:

Compressor side:
- Forged and milled compressor wheel, extremely light and highest strength against high boost pressures, Extended Tip Technology
- Integrated diverter valve
- Integrated cycle valve
- 360 degree rotatable by means of V-Band technology
- Prepared mounting for speed sensor (optionally available) for measuring the speed of the compressor wheel. This allows the compressor efficiency to be determined.

Core assembly:
- 2-fold ceramic ball bearing
- Oil restrictor integrated
- Water cooled

Exhaust side:
- Stainless steel exhaust case
- Gamma titanium aluminide exhaust wheel and shaft, 50% lighter than a comparable InconelTurbine wheel And extremely heat resistant
- High-Flow Wastegate channel
- Integrated wastegate (also available for the Twinscroll exhaust sides.)

BorgWarner EFR-7670 Turbo - T4 TwinScroll without WG 1.05ar - 179392

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