This is the Rushworth Performance own Rotrex Supercharger based mounting system.


The Rotrex mounting plate is machined from high grade steel.

The 6061 lightweight billet aluminum spacer block CNC machined and given Stainless Steel threaded inserts for durability.


All fittings comes included with the kits. All stainless steel 10.9 fittings


Come standard in a durable matte black powdercoat. (Other colours can be arranged!)


These brackets are suited to either the C30 range of rotrex chargers or the C38.


Pulley Kits now available!


CAD/CAM manufcatured CNC aluminium lightweight pulleys to suit the mk 4 c30 and c38 setups.


Hard anodised in black and come pre-assmebled ready for your kit!



- Automatic Tensioner and Pulley

- Idler Pulley

- Lightweight Crank Pulley


Ideally put together in your build with one of our head spacers and a Nuke Fuel System.


A bit from Rotrex....


With the unique combination of compactness and efficiency, the Rotrex supercharger leads the way in drivable, high performance supercharged applications.

Where the efficiencies of the Roots- and screw-type superchargers trail off at higher pressure ratios, Rotrex continues to provide the best thermodynamic efficiency under extreme conditions. This has been demonstrated on a number of high performance applications, such as the Twin-charged Koenigsegg CCX and Koenigsegg CCXR.

Compared to traditional centrifugal superchargers, the Rotrex unit offers superior boost at lower engine speeds due to its inherent capability to accommodate high speed impeller designs. This virtue is essential for compact applications requiring more torque at low engine speeds than is usually achievable with centrifugal superchargers. 


C30 - Max air flow 0.39 kg/s 

  • Power range: 120-320kW (163-435hp)
  • 120,000 rpm maximum impeller speed
  • 1 : 9.49 gear ratio


C38 - Max air flow 0.63 kg/s 

  • Power range: 200-530kW (272-720hp)
  • 90,000 rpm maximum impeller speed
  • 1 : 7.50 gear ratio


Please drop us a message with regards to superchargers and full setups.


Rotrex Mounting System / Pulley Kits

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