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The Rotrex supercharger has proven itself time and time again from hypercars to street and race application, as a compact and highly efficient supercharger unit.


Available here with Rushworth Performances bracket set!


Our Supercharger sets are geared to work hand in hand with the R32/VR6 setups and therefore already have the optimum pulley size installed. (to keep you within the warranty and running a solid/safe setup!)


All the calculation and the technical handbook can be found here

Technical Data:

C30 Range

C38 Range


C30 - Max air flow 0.39 kg/s

  • Power range: 120-320kW (163-435hp)
  • 120,000 rpm maximum impeller speed
  • 1 : 9.49 gear ratio


C38 - Max air flow 0.63 kg/s 

  • Power range: 200-530kW (272-720hp)
  • 90,000 rpm maximum impeller speed
  • 1 : 7.50 gear ratio


Rotrex kits include

  • Charger Unit
  • Fluid Resevoir
  • Rotrex Traction Fluid (1L)
  • Hose and fittings


Please be aware that the rotrex supercharger sets still require an oil cooler to complete the system.

Size/Type is dependant to the build and location/placement on the car - Please contact us regarding oil coolers.


Please be aware when ordering superchargers there is often a lead time - we endeavour to get them out to you as soon as possible but will update you post order as to a turn around time.

As always we can pre-assemble full kits to save you any time if wanted!

Rotrex Supercharger Units

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